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[TowerTalk] New SteppIR 4 element antenna

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Subject: [TowerTalk] New SteppIR 4 element antenna
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Date: Wed Mar 26 23:15:54 2003

Since all of you have helped us out so much with your thoughts and input, we 
decided to give the SteppIR Yahoo Group some preliminary specifications on 
the new 4 element yagi, which will indeed be introduced in the May issue of 
QST and CQ, as well as at Hamvention 2003:

4 elements, 32 foot boom, trussed with phillystran kevlar cable (provided)

13.8 MHz to 54 MHz continous coverage

Gain: Ranges from 9.5 dBi on 20m to 10.8 dBi on 10 meters, varying with band 
changes. (subtract 2.15 dB to get dBd)

Front-to-back in what we consider our "optimal" configuration (best 
combination of gain and F/B), is slightly better than the 3 element.  
However, a 4 element antenna allows for some very high front to back ratios 
if you are willing to sacrifice a bit of gain (0.5 - 0.7 dB).  Gain can also 
be accentuated by about the same amount if front to back is ignored.  At 
maximum gain, the match is still good but front to back can drop to as low as 
10 dB on 20m.  We will know more about this after additional range testing 
and computer modeling.

180 degree mode:  4 elements in forward direction, wide spaced 3 element in 
180 degree direction

Bi-Directional: pretty much the same performance the 3 element Yagi has.

6 meters: it will work similar to that of the 3 element without the passive 
element adder, if you go with the passive element adder it will probably be 
two passives, making an outstanding 6 element 6 meter yagi.  (price not yet 
determined for adder)

If you have the 3 element yagi, the element adder kit will be approximately 
$500.00, which includes: boom, truss system, 4th element, software changes.  
You will need another 4 conductor cable.  

Introductory price for the stand alone 4 element yagi: $1589.00

Make no mistake about it, there is no multiband antenna that we know of that 
will outperform this new Yagi, and someone will have to have a very big 
mono-band antenna to top the performance of the new SteppIR 4 element yagi. 

As always, if there is an antenna manufacturer that believes otherwise, we 
will gladly participate in head to head competition with any comparable 
antenna on the market.

Thanks and 73s

John Mertel / WA7IR / SteppIR Antenna Systems
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