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[TowerTalk] New Contester's Tower Plans and G-1000 Rotator Mounting Info

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Subject: [TowerTalk] New Contester's Tower Plans and G-1000 Rotator Mounting Information
From: (Andrew Roos)
Date: Thu Mar 27 05:21:33 2003
Good day

I am new to contesting (my first was the ARRL International DX contest a few
weeks ago, what a blast!) and to this reflector.

I recently moved from an appartment into a house and am planning to put up
my first tower. I am planning a locally (South African) manufactured 18m
telescopic tilting tower with a Force-12 C-4S turned by a Yaesu G-1000DXC
(the 220v version of the G-1000DXA) using the Idiompress RotorCard DXA
computer interface controlled by WriteLog. I plan to mount the rotator using
the GA-2500 Tower Absorber Joint and the G-050 Thrust Bearing.

First question: does that seem like a sensible setup? I know nothing about
towers and have planned this based purely on Internet research.

Second question: is the GA-2500 tower absorber joint necessary?

Third question: does anyone have mounting information for the G-1000 DXC (or
the G-1000 DXA  since the rotator unit is identical, just the control box is
for 220v) with (or without) the Tower Absorber joint? Unfortunately the
local tower manufacturer only has mounting information for the Hy-gain
rotators and the Yaesu web site is fairly useless.

Many thanks in advance for your assistence, and cu in a contest soon.

Andrew ZS1AN

Andrew Roos
Technical Director, ExiNet

Tel: (021) 448-4678
Fax: (021) 448-4620

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