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[TowerTalk] Round Hole vs Square Hole...

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Round Hole vs Square Hole...
From: (Dino Darling)
Date: Sat Mar 29 13:34:56 2003
I was reading, with great interest, W5AJ's website about his tower install.

He hired a boring company to "drill" his hole.

Using a standard square 4'x4'x5' deep hole as an example, and knowing that 
a "square" has more area than a "circle", could you use a 4' round hole 
that is DEEPER in order to make up for the lack of "area"?  (I know what 
I'm trying to say...I just hope I've been able to communicate it to you.)

Mr. Wood makes a great argument when he says, "The boring machine has a 
cleaner hole providing virgin undisturbed soil for the concrete. There is 
no back filling or tamping of soil when your done with this one."

Educate me! 

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