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Date: Sat Mar 29 15:39:06 2003
Hi Tom,   May be a good idea to run this by the mfr.  I know nothing of their 
reputation, but usually you can tell if somebody is sincere when you hear 
"oh, that's normal", particularly if it is followed up with a logical reason 
for the issue.  If the creaking can be determined to be at the section joints 
and they did not instruct assembly to include greasing the joint tubing that 
slips into the next upper section (IF this  is the design; again, I don't 
know this mfr. type), then that could be the problem.  All you need to do is 
take the tower down and grease these areas!!  HI, however, if this is the 
sitation, lack of grease should not be a problem until you do take the tower 
down!  Hopefully you will get a believable, assuring answer from the mfr and 
forget about it.   73,  D. Brooks

In a message dated 3/27/2003 1:38:31 PM Eastern Standard Time, 

> I've noticed the my Heights tower "creaks" when the wind is blowing.  I've
> tightened all the bolts so I'm hoping this is "normal"...
> Tom

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