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[TowerTalk] re tower permits

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Subject: [TowerTalk] re tower permits
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Date: Sun Mar 30 11:21:21 2003
We used to have a ham on the city council here and while in office he made
sure the city never had a tower law for ham operators. About 10 years ago I
went to apply for a permit and found out the city (and catv co.) had
rewritten the law to read towers shall not be so tall as to fall out of the
property lines in event of failure. In other words that means about 30 ft
tall max counting antenna. The building official at the time found a gray
area loophole. The site where I was erecting the tower also had my small
remote office in it. The law had a clause that it did not apply to any
commercial use towers. So bingo I was issued a permit for a tower with a max
height of 135 feet. The tower sits 12 feet from the property line. I was
thinking I would really like to relocate the tower to the center of the
backyard, So talking to the new building official I find out no more
commercial use loophole, But was told If I paid $475 for a variance I was
sure to get the permit. I told him to stuff it and I would keep the tower
located where it was. The thing that really grinds me about this is I try to
do it the right way and then take a drive around the city and find CBers and
other hams who just said "ta hell with the law" and just stick up the towers
without a permit. I then find out that the city seldom ever takes the
offenders to court. I guess the laws are really written for other people.
ken w8ob

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