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[TowerTalk] Idea Hamshack

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Idea Hamshack
From: (John Silberman)
Date: Mon Mar 31 08:17:55 2003
Don't forget:

Grounds, telephone within reach of the operating position, an intercom to where 
ever the YL/XYL is so you don't have to jump up all the time, mini frig for 
drinks and snacks so you don't
have to leave the room when P5 comes back,  LARGE 12 v truck battery on trickle 
tied to your 12 v buss for emerg. power,  at least 1- 12 v light (car or boat 
store)  to run off your emerg.
power (auto on),  file cabinet for manuals,  ladder line feed into the shack 
(easy to put in now, much harder later) (you don't have to use it),  
indoor/outdoor thermometer ( they always
ask ), Atomic clock (they're cheap now and you'll never have to worry about 
your log time again), book shelves, small TV.  Get commercial/industrial MOVs 
for the AC and telephone lines.
That's just a few off the top of my head.
GL  73,


"Michael Hatzakis, Jr" wrote:

>         I know this is very far off field for this list.  Along with my tower
> (that's my lead in for this list.!), I am building a hamshack from scratch.
>         What characteristics would you all build into your ideal hamshack, 
> except,
> of course, the built in bar and faraday cage...!  I am going to build a
> walk-in wiring closet, seperate 110v line for all RF circuits, network
> drops, a direct 220 line for my amplifier... any other suggestions ?
> Michael K3MH
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