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[TowerTalk] High tension power lines ?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] High tension power lines ?
From: (Jim Lux)
Date: Mon Mar 31 12:20:11 2003
Fascinating question...
First question for you:  What kind of power lines?  LV feeders (240V), MV 
distribution stuff (14-30 kV) or HV transmission lines (100 kV+). They'll 
all have different kinds of issues.

There might be some issues with sticking a big tower in the air near the 
line, from a safety standpoint: 1) what if the tower falls over and hits 
the line; and 2) the grounded tower may reduce the clearance distance from 
the line.  Kind of depends on the line voltage, and just how close you 
are.   Your new house likely isn't directly under the line, but, there are 
folks around here (southern California) which have a house at one end of a 
long skinny 5-10ac property, where the lines cross the other end where the 
horse pastures are... Clearly, you couldn't put up a 130 ft tower in the 
middle of the pasture.

The E field from the power line will induce some (very) small currents in 
the structure.

EMI might be your biggest issue, especially if you like operating on lower 
bands.  Those miles of wire make a fine antenna to pick up and transmit 
switching noises, etc.

At 08:08 AM 3/31/2003 -0800, Jim Apple wrote:

>     We are looking for a new house and many that are available in the 
> area are pretty close to some power lines.  My questions is from a radio 
> perspective, "how close is too close ?" and what can I expect ?.  I 
> operate mostly HF 80-15.  I have been looking at the health data but I 
> have not found much about the effects on operating.
>Thanks in advance
>- Jim
>- Jim Apple (WB1DOG)
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