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[TowerTalk] clamping old phillystand ????

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Subject: [TowerTalk] clamping old phillystand ????
From: (xppq)
Date: Mon Mar 31 19:21:47 2003
Hello Tower Talk Brain trust :

I have old kind of Phillystrand cable 
- former used at SUPER station AA6TT
-6700 lbs.  -  this history undoubtedly
gives it special properties !!

The clamps on this were using the metal
U  on the live end - saddle on dead side !

I know standard practice is "NEVER saddle
a dead horse" -  so the SADDLE is 
in contact with the LIVE end.   The cables
I got were all the REVERSE.  

To further confuse me,  a web site on Kevlar
cable also used the saddle on the dead side.

Given this OLD style 6700 lb philly cable
what is the STRONGEST configuration.
Saddle on LIVE  or  DEAD  side of cable???

HELP    josh n7xm    Nevada
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