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[TowerTalk] clamping old phillystand ????

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Subject: [TowerTalk] clamping old phillystand ????
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Date: Mon Mar 31 19:38:41 2003
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> Given this OLD style 6700 lb philly cable
>  what is the STRONGEST configuration.
>  Saddle on LIVE  or  DEAD  side of cable???

    Actually it's NO CABLE CLAMP on the old stuff. It's too stiff to bend. If 
someone installed it that way, they screwed up royally. 

    Also NO CABLE CLAMP on the new stuff either. The clamp will cause the 
kevlar to coldflow. 

    The new style Phillystran is more limber - you can tie it in a large knot 
- but the old stuff is too stiff to bend.

    The ONLY termination method allowed with the old style is using the 
sockets that use epoxy resin to glue them into the socket. 

    The only factory authorized termination for the new stuff are the special 
Preformed grips specifically for the Phillystran. 

Steve    K7LXC
Professional tower services for commercial and amateur 
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