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[TowerTalk] clamping old phillystand ????

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Subject: [TowerTalk] clamping old phillystand ????
From: (Roger Borowski)
Date: Mon Mar 31 21:00:11 2003
When I last purchased the Philystran potted ends for my old style 6700#, the
ends were $8.95 each and the resin with hardener was $11.95/quart from Texas
Towers. That was in '89, shortly before they went to the new style and
discontinued the potted ends. The resin appeared to be typical Fiberglas
resin, available at most any auto body shop supply store. The ends are not
so easy to come by any longer, but can certainly be duplicated in a machine
shop if a good sample exists. I have one brand new end that I would loan on
consignment for the purpose of duplication, but am not willing to part with
permanently. I can also take a digital snapshot if that would help...
73, -=Rog-K9RB=-

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> A further comment about the old style Phillystran......the potting ends
> around $35 each (one size fits all ham sized cables).  The potting
> runs around $50 and makes around 15 or 20 ends.  A rather expensive
> undertaking!
> Bill K4XS
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