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[TowerTalk] clamping old phillystand ????

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Subject: [TowerTalk] clamping old phillystand ????
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Date: Mon Mar 31 22:31:41 2003
I know that they still make the ends and also sell the potting ends for the 
old style Philly because I talked to the rep from Philly Rope Works at the 
Dayton Hamfest two years ago and ordered the materials to make up new ends 
for some used old style Philly in the summer of 2001.
The ends are very different from the ones they used in the 80s...much smaller 
and can be used up to 3/8 stock Philly.  They are also very expensive but 
take far less epoxy than the old style.  He also warned me of two things.  
Some hams try to reuse the old style potting ends by melting or burning out 
the old resin.  Dont' do it.  Heat weakens the potting ends.  Second, use 
only the potting material they sell.

By the way, the old potting ends are similar to some guy terminating forms 
that came with used guy wire I picked up a few years ago.  However, I 
couldn't get the guy wire out of the form to use them for potting.

A much cheaper way to go might be used the Polyrod which runs around 40 cents 
a foot for 11000 pound rated stuff.

Bill K4XS
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