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[TowerTalk] Guy Anchor Cathodic Protection - Where?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Guy Anchor Cathodic Protection - Where?
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Date: Fri May 2 13:36:04 2003

I'm back on this list, just for a while to participate in this discussion. (I 
usually troll the archives).

1. The electrolysis is made worse by the use of a copper ground rod. This 
explains why those of use who don't use ground rods don't experience as much 
guy anchor corrosion. (We wouldn't forget lightning protection would we)??

2. The ground rod, if made of or coated with a cathodic material, could serve 
as grounding and cathodic protection one in the same.

3. Where can one buy the cathodic protection devices? What is a good cathode 
material? Zinc like on boats? Or does it have to be further down the 
electroactive series to protect the zinc galvanization of the guy anchor?

-Tony, K1KP

p.s. no, I haven't dropped out of ham radio - I just switched from Contesting 
to Boatanchors. Favorite rig now: KWS-1. 
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