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[TowerTalk] Erecting Rohn 55 and 65

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Erecting Rohn 55 and 65
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Date: Fri May 2 18:32:24 2003
I have had the good fortune to come across some really nice inexpesnsive Rohn 
65 as well as some decent 55.  Rohn 65 of course is pretty 
industrial-strength sized tower to erect by the average ham and is beyond the 
capacity of the ordinary gin pole.

I would like to erect as tall a tower made of 65 as I can up to 200 feet.  
However, I do not intend to put up the tower piece by piece.  What I I would 
like to do is put it up in one total piece by crane.  One of the locals put 
up a 180 foot tower of Rohn 55 this way.  I was amazed that he was going to 
do this but he did it....all 180 feet.  Incredible!  No way am I going to 
replicate that feat with Rohn 55.  However, I am curious as to what the guys 
who have worked with 65 think. 

What is the maximum height that one continuous length of Rohn 65 tower could 
be 'walked up' and set by crane on top of the stub sticking out of the 
ground?  We're assuming of course, a crane would have no problem with the 
total weight of the tower.  The guys would be attached to the tower ahead of 
time and taped to the sides during lifting and put in place before the tower 
was climbed to release the hook.  The reason I don't want to do it in two 
pieces is that it would require a much taller crane....more bucks!  LXC and 
others, any ideas?

Bill K4XS
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