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[TowerTalk] A4S Traps

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Subject: [TowerTalk] A4S Traps
From: (Dale L Martin)
Date: Sat May 3 01:30:24 2003
> Recently our club got a used and disassembled A4S. There are no
> markings remaining on the traps.
> 1. how can you distinguish a 15 meter TC trap from a a TB trap.
> 2. how can you distingush a 10 meter TD trap from a TE trap.
> 3. how can you determine the direction to install the 10 meter TD
> and TE traps.
> Thanks for any help you can provide.


Do you have a grid dip meter?  You can find the pairs by using a grid dip
meter off the end of each trap.

I tore down an A3 7 hyears ago and wrote up my procedure as well as received
some advise and information from a friend and from Cushcraft.

I've posted it on my website at

dale, kg5u

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