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[TowerTalk] Lightning Bolt Quad

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Lightning Bolt Quad
From: (G.E. Tucker)
Date: Tue May 6 23:58:29 2003
Just a small comment to add. I built the 2 element Lightning Bolt, 10-20M
and with 12 and 17M. It's been a very good performer here, just up about
40-50 feet and supported by ropes from 3 trees to a pulley (I hoist it up
and down with a small winch).

One thing to watch out for is that kinky, rigid wire they provide. It can
spring out and get tangled easily, and it's brittle, with a kink becoming a
break very quickly. Copperweld is much easier to work with.

I did the end element wiring on the ground (would help if you have clear
work space, not small brush like here) and then used my tree rope hoist to
help pull them up vertical and assemble to the boom. They aren't that heavy
but big and unwieldy (working alone). I used a ladder to get up and bolt the
boom fittings once it all was put together standing on the ground.  I use
the smallest Yaesu rotor to turn it (more ropes to the trees with metal
lever arms on the rotor hold it/give it something to rotate against, and it
pivots on the support rope from the pulley).

73 George W5VU

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Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2003 11:24 PM
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Lightning Bolt Quad

> Daniel,
> I just finished a quad installation. 3 elements on 20M and 15M, and 4
> elements on 10M (dedicated spreader assembly for the driven 10M loop). You
> may want to consider a "dual polarity driven element" for one ar all the
> bands. I did it on 10M only, and It works great! It's nice to have
> for the local 10M mobile guys and work late night groundwave with guys
> antron-99s, now that cycle 23 is cooling off.  I also use the loop for
> circular polarization to reduce QSB fades as a multi-diversity antenna.
> of fun. If your interested, I'll advise you. The feed system  in not
> "traditional" and took me a year to work it out and enjoy the 25 dB
> isolation and broadband low VSWR.  Anyway, you did not mention if you are
> using a tower. If so, a crank-up makes it easy, especially if the base is
> against the house. I did it this way. It was easy to use a 12 foot A-frame
> ladder on the roof, and add one spreader assembly at a time, rotating the
> foot 3" diameter boom as needed. I did it with my 13 yaer old son (he's
> tall!). I used #12 solid copperweld, and made no sharp bends. Soldered all
> connections. Gamma match tuning is the best, since you can tune out all
> reactance on each band, assuming you have separate feedlines, as I do.
> luck. Maybe we can chat on 20 meters early about 7pm before the band goes
> long. Quads RULE! just having fun guys.
> George AB2KC
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> Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2003 10:20 AM
> Subject: [TowerTalk] Lightning Bolt Quad
> > Well, I just ordered a lightning bolt 2 element Quad (32mcq/wb)I ordered
> it
> > with a 3" boom for these nasty Indiana winters. What I was curious about
> > I've never assembled or installed a quad and was just wondering if any
> > has any hidden secrets/suggestions or tricks of the trade that would
> > assembly/installation a little easier? Thanks and 73,
> >                          Daniel Hileman N9WX
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