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Subject: [TowerTalk] Gap and others
From: (Dick Green)
Date: Wed May 7 15:28:41 2003

You might get away with CW and SSB at higher power levels, but do not go
key-down at anything over 500w. In my case, the coax melted inside the
antenna. It was quite a bit of work to replace it. The damage was not
detectable by visually inspecting the coax. I had to do a binary search,
cutting the coax in half until I found the bad piece. It turned out be a
section about one inch long in which the dielectric had melted through the

73, Dick WC1M

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> Wow,
> I got a lot of response to my Gap question on noise and 80M.
> Now here's the rest of the story......
> I moved from my 160 acre ranch in Wyoming where we had a 
> number of low band arrays a typical urban back 
> yard in Denver.  Being a low bander and 80 meter diehard, I 
> set up my Hustler 6BTV and with it. With around 10 radials 
> and my Alpha Amp, 
> I had a fairly decent 80M season (of what was left of it) 
> working several JA's, and even a RW station zone 19 LP at 
> sunrise.  That was a rush-  All on days where the RF hash was 
> tolerable. It's a lot better in the morning vs evening-
> Now I know how to DX on 80M using big antennas, and have had 
> good success with smaller antennas like the HF2V and 
> 6BTV....I don't waste my time on wire wonders, etc....
> But the noise level on the Hustler at the new QTH was a lot 
> worse than expected. Ouch as you could hear a pin drop on it 
> at my old QTH and both the HF2V and 6BTV did well DX'ing. At 
> the new QTH, HF2V was no better on noise. Especaily trying to 
> hear EU. 
> To make things worse, my 3 year old kept getting tangled up 
> in the radial field......what a mess I was running into 
> trying to work the only band I'm serious about-
> In a totally desperate mode, and brain jammed with rose 
> colored glasses and prescribed medications, I did try 
> Martin's 1026 box but let's face the facts.  This box 
> requires a null antenna that can hear as well as what you are 
> using taking up extra room in  the yard.  My 6 BTV was on one 
> side of the yard, while my nulling HF2V on the other side 
> Blah- The box had ok effects at first nulling out some noise 
> but it also reduced signal strengths as well nulling them out 
> had poor RF protection and cooke d in a week. Good 
> little toy if your are a SWL, but not for DX'ing in my experience-
> So how do I get the DX efficiency of a vertical yet hear with 
> it too-  Using receiving loops is a good idea, an excellent 
> idea! But again, room is limited.  And regardless of what 
> vertical antenna I've tried, noise still sucks- (My guess is 
> I'll still try  some rx loops some day but..........)
> So here I am pondering whats the next step- In the mean time, 
> I go out and get the new Cushcraft MA5V with it's center fed 
> vertical dipole design. (I think thats how some explain it)-
>  Guess what?! is quiter on rx vs the Hustler 6BTV on 
> ALL band comparisons and works just as well.  Hummmm......too 
> bad you can't run any power with it and darn if they didn't 
> build it for anything but the high bands- 
> So looking around, I find that the Gap Titan is a center fed 
> 1/2 wave vertical/dipole design or something to that effect. 
> It's never clear to me but it seems like a good choice for a 
> quiter RF antenna. That is their claim-
> So before ordering one, I go to my antenna test book but I'm 
> not encouraged by what's stated for this antenna on 80M. Then 
> I go to Eham and bingo, over 50 reviews and it people love 
> it- A 9V who I've worked from Wyoming uses one and that's the 
> icing on th e cake. 
> So I order it and I'm almost done finishing up.  Recent 
> emails to me say it's a dummy load on 80M while others say it 
> is not quieter than anything else they've tried.  These 
> emails are from people I know to be great low band ops but I 
> remain encouraged-
> I'm looking forward to raising it up- Power limitations and all.  
> BTW, I was told that the 500 watt limit applies to full duty 
> cycle and that running legal is ok on CW, SSB, etc....myth or 
> fact I'm about to find out- 
> I like pushing antenna's to their limits and I'm watering at 
> the mic to try this puppy out- 
> Any other commenets about the Gap Titan or any other Gap for 
> the low bands will be greatly appreciated. Good or bad, I 
> just want to know.  I've already used several suggestions in 
> constructing the antenna found on the Eham review site and 
> Gap has a great 
> webpage......Please feel free to email me here or at 
> I'll post my results in a few weeks once I have a chance to 
> work some DX somewhere-  I am using the capacitor for 
> 3.500MHz but have ordered the cap for 3.800MHz for later comparisions-
> If you see any mushroom clouds over Denver, you know I pushed 
> it a bit too much with the Alpha-
> 73  Paul  N0AH

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