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Subject: [TowerTalk] Sigma 80?????
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Date: Wed May 7 17:29:31 2003
I have not heard a lot about the Sigma 80 except what I've read on Eham and 
also from a ham friend of mine in Washington using a pair as a phased array- 
His antennas are sitting in a lake off a dock- Many times, he was not hearing 
what I was out of Asia or Long Path but I was using a 1/4 wave 4SQR....I like 
the idea and deminsions of the Sigma 80 but it's not getting much attention 
from where I've read. Perhaps it's still too new? 
BTW, I do not have any covanant issues.  I Just need to keep any towers back 5 
feet from the property line.  My problem is that even with a full size 1/4 
vertical on 80M, my local RF hash noises and needs for radials, (even 3 or 4 
gull-wing raised ones), is not possible with my yard- The more I've thought 
about this whole thing, I should just put back up my melt proof HF2V, run 20 
short radials and run my 5 gigawatt Alpha 99 (a YB trick I learned) while using 
my two meter vertical for a low band listening antenna, hi-  Seriously, I did 
think about operating my 80M 4SQR remotely via phone from Denver to Wyoming, 
but the guys who do this on the west coast seem to suffer serious modulation 
problems and have made numerious UN-intentional problems on that wonderful 
10KHz of space we have in the DX window....seriously, any one here have 
measurable success with the Sigma 80?  Maybe I should try that since I only 
want 80M anyway and it can't possibly be anymore of a neighbor eyesore than the 
Titan eh? Nothing against wires, but I tried a variety of dipoles off 75 foot 
towers on 80M and was dissapointed-     
73  Paul  N0AH  
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