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[TowerTalk] Size of TX-455 hole?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Size of TX-455 hole?
From: (David Greer)
Date: Fri May 9 21:22:13 2003
The backhoe operator is coming here on Monday morning to dig the hole for my 
new U.S. Tower TX-455 55-foot free-standing crank-up. I initially told him to 
dig a hole 3-feet square by 6-feet deep because that's what a chart on page 4 
of the U.S Tower catalog shows. But last night I was looking over the "formal 
stress analysis document" supplied by the company so I could determine how much 
rebar I need to buy Saturday. On the page titled "Installation of pier footing 
TX-455 crank-up tower," it clearly shows the hole for this tower as being 
5-feet square by 6 feet deep. So which size is correct? That's a rather large 
difference. Obviously, such a hole cannot be too big so I could always have him 
dig the bigger size but don't want to if not necessary. My two phone calls 
today to U.S. Tower went unanswered. 73, Dave, N4KZ

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