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[TowerTalk] Size of TX-455 hole?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Size of TX-455 hole?
From: (Jerry K3BZ)
Date: Sat May 10 16:12:52 2003
Bob... I'm pretty sure US Tower revised the engineering drawings and specs
for their bases not long ago, increasing the sizes. You may have been seeing
the old specs in one place and the new specs in another.
Jerry K3BZ

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Size of TX-455 hole?

> On Fri, May 09, 2003 at 06:21:56PM -0700, David Greer wrote:
> > The backhoe operator is coming here on Monday morning to dig the hole
> > for my new U.S. Tower TX-455 55-foot free-standing crank-up. I
> > initially told him to dig a hole 3-feet square by 6-feet deep because
> > that's what a chart on page 4 of the U.S Tower catalog shows. But
> > last night I was looking over the "formal stress analysis document"
> > supplied by the company so I could determine how much rebar I need to
> > buy Saturday. On the page titled "Installation of pier footing TX-455
> > crank-up tower," it clearly shows the hole for this tower as being
> > 5-feet square by 6 feet deep. So which size is correct? That's a
> > rather large difference. Obviously, such a hole cannot be too big so
> > I could always have him dig the bigger size but don't want to if not
> > necessary. My two phone calls today to U.S. Tower went unanswered.
> > 73, Dave, N4KZ
> I checked the U.S. Towers website and found a detailed drawing for the
> foundation which also showed 5 feet square by 6 feet deep.  This was
> signed by a professional engineer making it more "official" than the
> data in the catalog, which might have been miscopied (hopefully not
> edited by the advertising types).  If it were me, I would definitely go
> with the larger hole.
> Bob, N7XY
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