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[TowerTalk] tower height increse.

To: <>
Subject: [TowerTalk] tower height increse.
From: (Van Fair)
Date: Sat May 10 16:19:15 2003
I just raised my Rohn 25 from 60 to 70 about 3 months ago and I think it made a 
good difference. I have a Mosley PRO67  on it. I think it was worth the expense 
and effort.  Dont know about 80 feet but going from 60 to 70  makes some sense 
based on wavelength.  40 meters needs to be at least 66 feet for a 1/2 wave, on 
20 going to 70 feet gets you over the 1 wave length point instead of just under 
it.  Van W4GIW
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