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[TowerTalk] FCC/FAA Tower Rules?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] FCC/FAA Tower Rules?
From: (Fred Hopengarten)
Date: Sun May 11 15:53:51 2003
On Sun, 11 May 2003 10:26:55 -0700 Rich Hallman - N7TR <>
> Is there a Web Site that describes when you need to engage the FAA 
> for a
> tower installation?  I remember there used to be a checklist for 
> review and
> if you answered any questions as "YES", you needed to file with the 
> FAA.
> Thanks....
> Rich

This matter is covered in "Antenna Zoning for the Radio Amateur,"
published by the ARRL. A quick start is to go to the FCC web page and
search for "towair". The checklist you remember has been supplemented and
is now truly an excellent piece of government work, serving the public.

Here's a paragraph I have prepared for submission to a city on Wednesday
(which is why I just happened to have it handy).

 Separately, we have provided 10 copies of FAA Advisory Circular AC
70/7460-1J: ?Obstruction Marking and Lighting? (Source:, and 10 copies of FAA Advisory
Circular AC 70/7460?2J: ?Proposed Construction or Alteration of Objects
that May Affect the Navigable Airspace.? See especially ?Obstruction
Marking and Lighting,? page A1-12-13, and A2-1. An additional Advisory
Circular 150/5345-43E ?Specification for Obstruction Lighting Equipment,?
may be found at
The actual Federal regulations may be found at 14 CFR Part 77.1 through
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