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[TowerTalk] Size of TX-455 hole

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Size of TX-455 hole
From: (David Greer)
Date: Sun May 11 19:53:52 2003
Thanks to all who responded to my question about the proper size of the hole 
for a U.S. Tower TX-455 55-foot free-standing tower. I spoke on Saturday 
morning (Yes, they work Saturdays on contact jobs.) with Dave Chance, an 
engineer at U.S Tower. He answered all my questions. First, I should dig a 
5x5x6 foot hole for the TX-455. They send out different engineering specs for 
different parts of the country depending on soil types, he told me. In other 
words, ignore the chart on page 4 of their catalog listing hole sizes for 
various tower models. He told me not to connect the anchor bolts to the rebar 
cage. They want the tower's stresses transmitted to the concrete and not the 
rebar. And he told me that if I use the leveling nuts under the T-base, grout 
is not needed under the base. The engineer specs state that but I thought the 
language used was still a bit unclear but he cleared it up for me. I mention 
these last couple items because they go opposite from what I was told by a few 
fellows on the reflector. But Dave also said that each P.E. has his own ideas 
about what works best on nearly all these points.  73, Dave, N4KZ

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