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[TowerTalk] Erecting a 40' Universal tilt base tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Erecting a 40' Universal tilt base tower
From: (Alan Young)
Date: Thu May 15 20:30:03 2003
I am in need of some ideas on raising a tilt over base, 40 Universal tower.  It 
is aluminum, with a rotator, 20 lb 9 ft. mast and a Force 12 C3ss antenna that 
is about 30 lbs.  The tower can be walked up hand over hand by myself without 
the ant, mast, and rotator, but we tried with 4 large people and couldn't get 
it past about 30 degrees.  No more leverage at our height.  Is it possible and 
wise to attatch a line at the 30' level, route it above the peak of a roof and 
use a vehicle to pull it up?  Any thoughts or suggestioins would be most 
Alan Young
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