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[TowerTalk] Erecting a 40' Universal tilt base tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Erecting a 40' Universal tilt base tower
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Date: Thu May 15 21:18:21 2003
I erected a 30' Universal Tower with an antenna on top by walking it up.  I
needed a  lot of help and it was very difficult.   I also had a rope near
the top that someone was pulling on.  It is not as easy as the catalog makes
it appear.   I installed a 60' one with no top weight using a tow truck to
pull it vertical.  I first tried using my SUV, but the pull height was too
low and it was unsuccessful.  I installed my current 70' Universal Tower
using a gin pole and putting up one piece at a time.   If you remove the
antenna and rotor I'm sure you could walk up your 40' tower.  With no guy
wires in the way it's easy to pull up the antenna later and attach it.


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Sent: Friday, May 16, 2003 00:32
Subject: [TowerTalk] Erecting a 40' Universal tilt base tower

I am in need of some ideas on raising a tilt over base, 40 Universal tower.
It is aluminum, with a rotator, 20 lb 9 ft. mast and a Force 12 C3ss antenna
that is about 30 lbs.  The tower can be walked up hand over hand by myself
without the ant, mast, and rotator, but we tried with 4 large people and
couldn't get it past about 30 degrees.  No more leverage at our height.  Is
it possible and wise to attatch a line at the 30' level, route it above the
peak of a roof and use a vehicle to pull it up?  Any thoughts or
suggestioins would be most helpful.
Alan Young

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