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[TowerTalk] Steppir mods??

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Steppir mods??
From: (Tom Champlin)
Date: Sun May 18 11:20:19 2003

I have been looking at the big steppir vertical, which appears to be a pretty 
nice antenna, especially if used over a large bed of radials. This antenna 
seems to have possibilities for 80m as well. I am wondering if a skilled person 
could remove and modify the top end of the antenna to have an internal set of 
adequate spring loaded contacts that the end of the  internal slide wire would 
slide into when the wire is fully extended.Then one could attach a piece of 
braid connected to those contacts and then to an eyelet or other external 
contact on or near the top of the antenna shell. From there it would be easy to 
add a 30' or 95' piece of wire and either slope the wire up or down, or run it 
straight out to a tree. This would not allow any tuning by the steppir control 
box, but would most likely work on a choice range of frequencies. If I purchase 
one I plan to try this.

73, Tom W0HH
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