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[TowerTalk] Gap and EH Antennas

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Gap and EH Antennas
From: (Chuck Counselman)
Date: Sun May 18 11:59:04 2003
Paul N0AH wrote:
>...In researching asymmetrical antennas with compact features, ...I 
>came across reports about compact EH antenna theory.  Some excellent
>websites for reading more on Gap design asymmetrical dipole type 
>antennas and Isotron (EH?) antennas can be found....  I'd suggest 
>reading of these websites for those interested in compact antenna 
>design for low-band operations.  KB1EGI wrote an amazing report on 
>the EH antenna.

If, as I suspect, the "EH" antenna of which you speak is the infamous 
crossed-field antenna, or "CFA", be warned that at best it's a big 
mistake, and at worst it's a hoax.  The feedline to a CFA does most 
of the radiating, not the putative antenna.  IMO, some CFA proponents 
are out-and-out crooks, but most are innocently mistaken.

Anyway, there is a huge literature on the CFA, almost all of it 
erroneous.  Gold nuggets among the tailings and slag are the careful 
experimental, numerical, and analytical works of Jack Belrose, VE2CV, 
PhD Cantab, and Senior Radioscientist at the Radio Sciences Branch of 
the Communications Research Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  Do a 
Google search for "Belrose" AND "CFA".

73 de Chuck, W1HIS

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