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[TowerTalk] Another Question????

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Another Question????
From: (Tom Anderson)
Date: Sun May 18 16:20:17 2003

I have several friends who have both models and have nothing but good
things to say about them. Bill, W5SJ/VP2EJ used on on his
mini-dxpedition to VP2 land and had wonderful results.  Bill said the
T-8 he used at VP2 survived a hurricane  last year with only minor
damage.  Bill is president of the Lone Star DX Association.

Chuck Brainard at Tennadyne <> can answer any question
you have. Also, Charles Frost, VP of the Texas DX Society, has a T-8 at
his Houston area QTH and has high praise for it.   

Six of us are taking a Tennadyne T-6 on our 7P8 Dxpedition July 18-25.

Tom, WW5L
VP Lone Star DX Association

Joe Palmer wrote:
> Tnx for all the replies on my Sommer antenna question......Most
> helpful.....
> Second choice, was Tennadyne LP Model T6 or T8.....
> Comments please.
> Agn, tnx es 73.
> Joe
> KS8M
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