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Subject: [TowerTalk] Another Question????
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Date: Sun May 18 19:56:18 2003
I had questions about breakage on the Tennadyne logs. First time around, ice 
buildup caused one of the longest elements to literally tear a big hunk out of 
the boom. We took the back part of the antenna down, and rebuilt it with a 
thicker wall piece.

Sure enough, another ice storm   happened the following winter. This time, the 
longest elements just bent downward at about 90 degrees.

Same weather, no problems with the XA (which is a surprise, with the traps).

I thought the construction was skimpy. And the customer service was lacking too 
- no support, no call backs, ripoff prices for parts when he finally did get a 

I just think the Steppir spells the end of logs, unless you're into frequency 
hopping HF spread spectrum...

-Tony, K1KP
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