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[TowerTalk] EH Antennas and Dr. Demento, Gap 75/80?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] EH Antennas and Dr. Demento, Gap 75/80?
From: (Dick Flanagan)
Date: Sun May 18 21:13:01 2003
At 05:48 PM 5/18/2003, Paul Christensen, Esq. wrote:
 >I owned the GAP Voyager from '92 through 2000.  It was a very good performer
 >on 40M, marginal on 80M, and absolutely useless on 160 and 20M.

I can't disagree that much.  I've worked a dozen or so countries with mine 
on 160, but that was probably in spite of the Voyage, not because of 
it.  20 is much the same.

I use mine as a backup for 40-80.  When the wires go down and the tower 
needs to be lowered, it at least keeps me on the air.

 >I now have a Force12 Sigma-40 and I am much more pleased with its
 >performance against the Voyager.  It was simpler to's built
 >much more rugged, and it requires no guy wires....yes, its also priced more
 >than the Voyager.

The Voyager seems to be indestructible, but when it comes time to replace 
it, the Sigma does seem decent.

73, Dick
Dick Flanagan W6OLD NV SM

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