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[TowerTalk] Need help identifying tower...

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Need help identifying tower...
From: (Ian Procyk)
Date: Sun May 18 22:54:39 2003
Hello all,
I recently picked up two 50? towers used in commercial broadcast as
vertical radiators or something of that fashion?
The towers are both 50? in length and are solid steel, each 10? section
weighing around 90-120lbs.  As you will see in the pictures the towers
have a relatively small face, 10? to be exact.  The towers also have a
tapered base that pivots on a 1? steel round stock.  
Can anyone out there advise me as to what make or model these towers
Website with photos of tower:  HYPERLINK
73, Ian Procyk
VE7SCC ?Coquitlam Amateur Radio Club

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