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[TowerTalk] J bolts for TX455

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Subject: [TowerTalk] J bolts for TX455
From: (Ed Williams)
Date: Sun May 18 23:50:59 2003
Hi All,  You might check with US Towers because I have within the last 6
months picked up their anchor bolts and they have changed the "L" bolts to
straight ones with the nut welded to the bottom.  I would check because of
the changes in the foundation specifications changed in 2002 also.

73 de KN4KL ed

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Subject:        Re: [TowerTalk] J bolts for TX455

I think you are talking about the bolts that hold the tower at the tilt over
points.  Mine were originally black steel but the bolts and base stay put
when you move the tower.  I have moved the tower three times and have used
1" galvanized universal bolt available at large hardware stores (they may
have to order for you) or McMaster-Carr.  They are 36" long plus a 6 " right
angle bend (mine were L's not J's).  A foundry or perhaps a Northern Supply
outlet can put bends in the bolts for you.
Dave K4JRB

> Anybody knows what the proper diameter is and length of the foundation
> bolts (J bolts) for TX455 crank up tower? Length of J section would also
> help but I think it is not important as much as lengths.
> 73 de Andy


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