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[TowerTalk] My Experience with US Tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] My Experience with US Tower
From: (dan bookwalter)
Date: Mon May 19 11:30:07 2003
Hello All

i just wanted to mention how co-operative (and
patient) US Tower has been concerning my TX-472.

i ordered the tower last fall and about 1 week before
it was to be shipped i had a tornado stop by and make
a rather big mess , which left me with no place to
store my tower for the winter. i made a quick call to
US Tower and Shanna told me not to worry that they
would hold onto the tower as long as i needed... in
fact i think they built my tower three times... they
kept selling the ones that had been built for me...
well spring finally came and i gave the go ahead to
ship the thing... as luck would have it they were
going to the Dayton Hamvention... since i am only a
couple of hours from Dayton they agreed to bring my
tower with them and deliver it to me on monday... i
have no experience with the US Tower crew in CA , but,
i can tell you that the crew in KS were very easy to
work with and i would definatley purchase another
product from them...

hope everyone had fun at Dayton....

more questions to follow as i get closer to putting
this thing into a vertical orientation..

73 Dan N8DCJ

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