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[TowerTalk] new Icom hf rig ?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] new Icom hf rig ?
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Date: Mon May 19 16:35:44 2003
Depending on who I talked to from Icom the mentioned potential price was $5,000 
to $10,000.  In my mind for less than that kind of bucks I could by either two 
used or two new rigs of excellent quality!

To me it will be a toy for those who earn more money than know what to do with. 
 That is a problem I would like to experience but never have and probably never 

73 W0ETC

--- wrote:

The new Icom 7800 could be as much as 12 months away.    They had the HF
prototype on display at Dayton.   It looks a lot like the Icom classic 781 
more color glitz and DSP and very high standards on low noise and sensitivity
that is incredible.    But with the price range of $7,000-8,000 it should!    
Get on 
the list and get in line.  

-Mike S

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