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[TowerTalk] EH Antennas and Dr. Demento, Gap 75/80?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] EH Antennas and Dr. Demento, Gap 75/80?
From: (Zoran Brlecic)
Date: Mon May 19 16:47:08 2003 wrote:

>  And they do not have A/B antenna switching like the old Kenwood 940's etc 
> whereas you transmit on A and listen on B or visaversa....this circuit never 
> fried but try finding a nice 940- I am stuck with just one 
> antenna port for rx and tx using my 756 Pro.  I guess I could manually push 
> the A/B 756 switch but blah on that-
That's why people invented coaxial relays. Use it and you don't have to 
"blow fuses" on the AUX antenna input that is probably being overloaded 
(i.e. the B antenna way too close to the A antenna). What fuses are 
those, anyway?

73 ... Zoran WA7AA

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