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[TowerTalk] Need help identifying tower... fixed website url

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Need help identifying tower... fixed website url
From: (VE6JY Don Moman)
Date: Tue May 20 01:35:28 2003
This is 10" Beatty (also named Wind Turbine at at one time, I believe) and
now owned by LeBlanc and Royal.  There is a heavy gauge and a much thinner
one - you have the heavy version.  It is long out of production. The pivot
base is standard procedure and the guy wires (spec'd every 20 feet) hold it
up fine.  While it is a sturdy tower, the 20' guying interval becasue of the
small face size means lots of guy wire and anchor points if you go very
high.  However, it is not handy to mount other antennas (unless very small)
lower on it because of the short guying interval. I personally know of  100
feet of this holding up a 3 el 40m full size yagi - with guys every 20' and
a torsion bracket it is very sound.

73 Don

I recently picked up two 50' towers used in commercial broadcast as
vertical radiators or something of that fashion.

The towers are both 50' in length and are solid steel, each 10' section
weighing around 90-120lbs.  As you will see in the pictures the towers
have a relatively small face, 10" to be exact.  The towers also have a
tapered base that pivots on a 1" steel round stock.

Can anyone out there advise me as to what make or model these towers

Website with photos of tower:

73, Ian Procyk
VE7SCC -Coquitlam Amateur Radio Club

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