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[TowerTalk] Base for Wilson MT-61/US Tower MA-550

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Base for Wilson MT-61/US Tower MA-550
From: (Eugene Jensen)
Date: Tue May 20 22:44:12 2003
Depends on how much one's like the house they currently call home. I am an
electrician by trade.  As a personal favor to a friend of mine, whose son
has fell on hard times, myself and a master carpenter went up to look at
this house that had had a Rohn 25 with a house bracket and a small
tribander.  The winds of that day were in the 70 mile per hour class, and
the house bracket had been installed as per Rohn's directions, but
unfortunately houses are not designed to support the load applied against
the outside wall of a home.  I wish I had pictures to send you.  It took out
most of the south wall, and then a third  of the east wall and one-half of
the roof.  As my friend the carpenter explained to me, once the wall had
been ripped out, then the roof had no further support.  At that point, the
winds did their damage.  His insurance co. refused to pay for the damage
claim but I don't know the particulars how they weazeled out of it?  But I
do know that the estimate was about $30,000 and it happened in the early
1980's.  I think the cement foundation is a far better solution than the
house bracket.  I wish you well and good luck but if you have seen the
damage, you wouldn't want to recommend it to anyone.  73's.  Gene K2QWD

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Base for Wilson MT-61/US Tower MA-550

Our club recently acquired an old Wilson MT-61 tubular tower
from an SK's estate. My friend was thinking of putting it up
at his QTH in "house bracket" configuration, but needs to
get some specifications for the proper concrete base design.
In looking thru the TT archives, it seems that the MT-61 is
very similar to the US Tower MA-550. Unfortunately, the
US Tower catalog only shows one concrete base specification
for the MA-550 which appears to be the one recommended
for free standing installations (no house bracket). Both my friend
and I are thinking that this base would be overkill for a house
bracket installation where the base mainly serves to provide
vertical support and some side load, but very little overturning
moment support.

Any suggestions on an appropriate base for a house bracket
installation of this tower would be appreciated.

Tnx & 73 de Mike, W4EF.................................................


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