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[TowerTalk] Tower For Sale/Tennessee/With Tenants

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower For Sale/Tennessee/With Tenants
From: (Bob Lovell)
Date: Sun May 25 17:33:49 2003
Fellow TTians --

We are offering our 200' Rohn 55G tower near Cookeville TN for sale, priced
at $37,500.  It is located about 60 yards from our home on a hilltop outside
the city (we own a 15-acre tract).  Currently populated with several tenants
including paging companies, a highway firm, FBI, and a Christian FM radio
station, the rent income totals $975/month.  Thus the buyer/investor will
quickly recover the purchase price in a short time.  While the top is full,
it is possible more "lightweight" tenants could make use of lower levels on
this hilltop location.  Rental increases for future years are entirely
possible for some tenants

Current tenants have been on the tower for several years and we have never
lost one.  The structure itself is less than five years old, as an older
Rohn 45 was replaced by the new 55.  The sale will consist of the tower and
guys itself, and we will execute a concurrent $1.00/year perpetual lease of
the land beneath, along with ingress/egress rights, so that in the very
unlikely event we move, change of ownership of the property will not affect
the tower owner.

Absentee owners are welcome, as I will provide daily inspection, free
routine maintenance, security, and generally keep an eye on the place.  All
we require is the right to continue to operate our 2-meter and 70-cm
repeaters on the tower.  Upon closing of the deal, we will assign all the
leases to the new owner and you will begin collecting rents immediately.
There are no state/local property taxes currently levied on this structure.

Many people invest $60,000 to $90,000 or more in residential rental units to
collect $400-600 monthly rental in this area.  Here is a neat opportunity
for tower lovers to profit from our favorite hobby at a much lower price!

For more information, please reply privately to (not on
the reflector!), or I may be reached by phone at (931) 252-7917.  All
inquiries welcome, local or distant.

Thanks & 73,

Bob  KK4TD
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