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[TowerTalk] coax ID help

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Subject: [TowerTalk] coax ID help
From: (Jeff Stai WK6I)
Date: Thu May 29 00:16:12 2003
hi - I have two cables to identify and to evaluate whether they are worth 
keeping and using (helping a friend deal with the estate of an SK):

1. Two rolls of cable marked RG218U, one roll is "Alpha Wire 92194" the 
other is "Plastoid 77314". I gather from Googling that the 218 is a 50ohm 
coax (good) with high dielectric breakdown voltage (11kv). It's nice and fat 
(0.880", according to the charts), with a solid center conductor and a solid 
dielectric - however, it has a braided shield and the roll has been sitting 
out in the elements for an indeterminate time (perhaps years). Is there any 
chance this stuff is still usable and reliable?

2. One roll of cable with no markings at all. It appears to be a .500" 
cable, with solid aluminum center conductor, solid dielectric, and a -solid- 
aluminum shield. The odd thing is that it is 'paired' with what seems to be 
a steel wire in a single plastic jacket - the steel wire is offset .3-.5" 
from the coax - it kinda looks like twinlead, but one of the leads is on 
steroids...;-) This cable has also been out in the elements for some length 
of time. Any idea what it is and if it would be useful to someone?

thanks very much for your help! - 73 - jeff wk6i

Jeff Stai     
Twisted Oak Winery
Rocketry Org. of CA
Amateur Radio           WK6I

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