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[TowerTalk] Wilson MT-61A

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Wilson MT-61A
From: (FireBrick)
Date: Fri May 30 06:35:54 2003
sorry, and I don't have the drawing or remember the sizes.
but it's pretty simple

O=================================   5/16"
1 end with loop , other end with none

then other cable exactly the same

call them on the phone, I know they have done other hams

You won't know the exact length till you disassemble and measure
due to the first or bottom cable has to be extra long to go over your winch
drum with some extra.
That's why it has a premade loop only on one end.

The second cable has to be the exact length of the original due to
variations in manufacturing the tower.
your could be slightly different than mine.
Again only one end has a premade loop that fits to the bottom of the tube,
inside the larger or bottom section.

Remember to check the sheaves, the original Wilson sheaves wore out and I
had to take them to a machine shop and have new ones made as EXACT
replacements can not be found.
Again each vary with what the manufacturer had at the time.

The sale guy at VerSales was understanding and helpful.
Once you get the tower apart, you will have a better understanding of
exactly why you each is different.

A trick I did, was take a digital photo of each step of the disassembly so I
could aid my rapidly failing brain get the stuff back together again.
Sorry, didn't keep the pics...

I also jumped each cable up one size during the replacement. And this
effected having the new sheaves made as each sheave has to match the cable
or excessive wear will be produced.

Sorry I didn't save the drawing or pics...but the last tower
maintenance....will be the last I perform on this earth....

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> Bill,
> a couple other questions, what size cable did you use? How many strands,
> etc?
> Don, W4YCH
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> > I did this also a while ago.
> > There is no way you can do this without taking the tower apart.
> > It MUST be down, horizontal, and you have to remove the top section to
> > replace the lower cable connection.
> >
> > But...can save you some money.
> >
> >
> > I called them, they asked for a printed description.
> > I faxed them a drawing.
> > They made them and shipped them quickly.
> > They put the swaged ends on one end for me so I could get the other
> through
> > the sheaves easily.

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