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[TowerTalk] RE: OR-2800 Pigtail Connection

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Subject: [TowerTalk] RE: OR-2800 Pigtail Connection
From: (James C. Hall, MD)
Date: Sat May 31 10:07:01 2003
Thanks to everybody for all the GREAT info !!  Considering the ease of 
wire nuts, I'll try this first.  But I'll also go to the local auto 
parts store and check out these mentioned trailer connectors.  I 
believe I have some No-Alox but I need to get some more silicon rubber 

Thanks guys !  That connector is for the birds ... given the blowing 
rain we've had, I was amazed at the water and corrosion in the 
connector (my first tower in 30 years).

As an interesting aside, I have a F12 MAG 340/620 ten feet under a F12 
4BA.  In the course of the heavy storms earlier this month, the MAG got 
torqued slightly (~5-7 degrees) off the pointing line of the 4BA.  Now, 
all this time 15M was de-tuned, I was told, due to the proximity of the 
40M antenna below.  After doing some maintenance on the RatPak, I was 
making plans to climb up and loosen the MAG up and turn it back to 
normal.  WELL, I found out that this little turn has somehow 
contributed to RE-tunug of the 15M antenna !  I plan on leaving it 
alone ... doesn't look quite as pretty, but hey, it works !!

73, Jamie

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