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[TowerTalk] Length of Mast

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Length of Mast
From: (S. Markowski Jr.)
Date: Sun Jun 1 00:29:22 2003

Michael Tope wrote:
> Actually it brings up a good question for the lightning technology experts
> on Towertalk. How come you only see lightning rods on barns and not
> houses? Is that just because most barns are old, and people have stopped
> using lightning rods, or is the their some other reason?

I'm not a lightning expert, just a fireman that answered a lot of house 
fire/lightning hit calls. Where I live, many of the outlying areas(used 
to be farm and barns, now filled with 500k and up houses on 1+ acre 
lots), houses grounded with ground rods and grounding systems have 
become very common.(especially after a number of homes took direct 
hits.)  It's not required in the code, but many homeowners have done 
this, and the incidence of direct hits has dropped dramatically.  FYI

Zig KM9M

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