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[TowerTalk] OR-2800 connector - reprise

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Subject: [TowerTalk] OR-2800 connector - reprise
From: (James C. Hall, MD)
Date: Sun Jun 1 18:17:43 2003
I just wanted to say thanks again for all the good info on the pigtail
connector. I cut the connector and found that if I routed the rotor wire
through different holes in the top plate, I had enough slack. The corrosion
on the rotor cable side (the connector I soldered) was unbelievable ! It's a
wonder it worked as long as it did. The color of the wires matched up so it
was a piece o' cake. The pigtail side of the connector was packed with
silicon grease. Please note - touching this grease renders any attempt to
tape anything with Scotch 33 useless - no stick, just slick ! Next time up
the tower, I will carry some baby wipes. Got plenty of those, but that's
another story !!

Now, next project is to fix a dead azimuth half of the Yaesu G5500.
Something's shorted. It indicates direction, but no rotation. Hmmmm ...

73, Jamie

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