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Date: Sun Jun 1 21:23:37 2003
If you intent to load your tower up with antennas it's probably less
expensive to rotate the whole tower.  There's a lot less rotor wire and
maintenance when using a single rotor.   The rings do give the ability to
point any antenna in any direction which is very useful in contests.  I have
160' Rohn 65 tower with five TIC 1032 rings on it.  There were some initial
quality issues, but now mine are very reliable.  I turn big antennas such as
6el 20 w/ 60' boom and a 2 el fullsize 40m with a 80m (90+') dipole element
on the same boom without any problems.  The motors have a lot of torque and
the antennas stay in position during strong winds.  The control box is also
quite user friendly.    Carl Anderson at TIC General has given me excellent
support and if I were going to build my station again I would use the TIC

John Bayne

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tic Ring Rotor

 New to this list and am looking for opinions on the Tic ring rotors. I see
that they claim they are improved from the first versions. I installed one a
few years ago for a friend and was not impressed with some of the
workmanship on it although it seemed to work well.
 I am going to put up 120' guyed tower and would like to save the cost
verses rotating the whole tower.

Any input is appreciated
 Jim n2jmh


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