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[TowerTalk] Pushup Pole Installation

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Pushup Pole Installation
From: (Tim, N9PUZ)
Date: Sun Jun 1 21:59:45 2003
I have a 40-foot push up pole (4 sections) that I want to use to support a 
small VHF/UHF ground plane and the center of an HF inverted "V". This is a 
semi-permanent installation for about a year. I would like to minimize 
concrete work, etc. but want to do what's necessary to have adequate guying, 
etc. to make it through a Midwestern winter and summer of high winds, etc. 
There are two options for installation location. One is against the side of a 
two-story house, the other is totally free standing.

Web searches haven't turned up much in the way of suggested installation, 
etc. Anyone with experience to share?

Tim,  N9PUZ

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