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[TowerTalk] rf choke or balun?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] rf choke or balun?
From: (Mike Brown)
Date: Mon Jun 2 05:20:08 2003
Our local radio club is getting ready to replace
the coax on the Pro 67 hf beam we have. I know
some go with the choke at the feedpoint, and
some think a balun in the way to go. This beam
has been up since before I moved here, and I
don't believe we have any paperwork on it. I
have had just one yagi, the TH3 I have now,
and I went with the RF choke because I think
of it as one less thing to go wrong. Just my
thinking, and like I pointed out, I've just had
the one beam in over 20 years of hamming.
The beam now has old RG8x on it, so it is
time to put the new 213 on! Never say never,
but more then likely, this antenna will never
see anymore then 100 watts.

Thanks... Mike K9MI

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