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Subject: [TowerTalk] Langmuir Labs and lightning...
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Date: Mon Jun 2 09:14:06 2003
"Barry L. Ornitz" <>  says::


"The article was written by researchers at Langmuir Labs of the
University of Arizona where there is a significant research
program on lightning and its abatement. "

Small point, but Langmuir is part of the NM Tech Univ, not U of A.

I've been to their site (and into the bunkers under which the
triggering missiles are shot) and it's a fascinating place.
It's on a mountain ridgeline, and overlooks hundreds of square
miles. The top of the building is a large glass (1" thick?) dome
reinforced between panes, with what looks to be heavy iron strap.

I am sure the view of lighting hits from that vantage point would
be spectacular.  If you're ever in the area (which would make you
a serious desert rat and explorer) you can usually get tours from the
co-op students who work there.

John K5MO

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