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[TowerTalk] rf choke or balun?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] rf choke or balun?
From: (Jim Wilcox)
Date: Mon Jun 2 11:53:34 2003
What am I missing here--I don't understand the difference between a "balun"
(at least a 1:1 balun) and a "choke."  Possibly K9MI is referring to a 4:1
(or something else other than 1:1) balun?

Aren't they in fact the very same thing?  If they each were in a "black
box," would they not both appear the same?  All I can think of is that the
air-wound choke probably would have a narrower bandwidth of common-mode

Maybe this is just an issue of semantics.

I betcha W1JR knows!  It appears that his coax-on-a-toroid is the best
(whatever that means) 1:1 balun.

vy 73--
Jim Wilcox, W3WV

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] rf choke or balun?

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> Our local radio club is getting ready to replace
>  the coax on the Pro 67 hf beam we have. I know
>  some go with the choke at the feedpoint, and
>  some think a balun in the way to go.

    I think that Mosley calls for an rf choke. You need to follow their
EXACTLY with the 1.5" pigtail, etc. I think I tried a balun in the past and
of course it didn't work.

Steve     K7LXC

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