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[TowerTalk] Good guys or bad guys?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Good guys or bad guys?
From: (Matt)
Date: Mon Jun 2 20:54:18 2003
As I contemplate erecting a long stick of 25G I find myself with a plethora
of 2100 lb. phillystran. I'm not excited about purchasing a bunch of 4000
lb. stuff if I can get around it and still feel good (safe) about it. I
wonder if anyone may have experience or advice on using the 2100 lb. philly.
In perusing the Rohn catalog I am intrigued by the idea of using the TA25
'torque arm stabilizer assy' instead of the conventional GA25GD guy

The TA25's would allow two guys at a shallow horizontal angle coming down to
each ground anchor point. Do you think I could use the 2100# cable if I have
two of them to each anchor? That would be a total of six guys per tower guy

Anybody out there done this with 2100 lb. phillystran?

Safety first,


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