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Subject: [TowerTalk] EdgeHog
From: (Tom Champlin)
Date: Mon Jun 2 23:10:46 2003
Mike and all,

Yes, and it works great in the soil here in the K.C. area. The Black &
Decker Edge hog has a slicer function that makes a nice clean slit in the
sod which is about 2" deep. I used one to put in about 20 65 foot radials
with minimal effort one Saturday. I bought a dandelion digger with a long
handle and dulled the blade so I could unroll the solid bare copper and push
it into the slit. Works real well. Now I can core-aerate my back yard again.

73, Tom W0HH
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Subject: OT: Re: [TowerTalk] EdgeHog

> Has anyon actually used one of these 'Edge Hogs' for ANYTHING, including
> slitting for radials and edging? Last electric edger I tried to use was a
> total waste and did NOTHING well. Please reply off reflector.
> Thanks.
> Mike / W8DN
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