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[TowerTalk] GA25GD Guy bracket help.

To: <>
Subject: [TowerTalk] GA25GD Guy bracket help.
From: (David Vondrasek)
Date: Mon Jun 2 23:36:57 2003
I have what seems to be a Rohn GA25GD Guy bracket I plan to use on my
tower. From the pics I have seen I understand what it does and how to mount
it to the tower . My question is I also have a couple of sets of *bars"*
that came with the bracket. One set is straight and about 1 foot in length
with a hole on one end and the other mounts through on of the bolts that
mounts the bracket to the tower. I have another set that have an 20 degree
(?) angle to the bars end that mounts close to the brackets, about the same
length. Someone said these are torsion bars? What is the reason for using
these bars ? and what bars to use ? sleight or angled ? The torsion bars
show as an option and don't come with the GA25GD so was wondering what path
to take before I clime the tower in the am and mount this new toy i have
located for the tower.


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